Welcomte to Envix Nord

Envix a family owned consulting and research company with offices in Umeå, and Stockholm, as well as a nationwide network of eminent scientists. We represent a unique cross- fertilization between researchers, practical experienced consultants and contractors. Together we have a good understanding of the complexity of nature, market conditions and regulatory requirements. It allows us to propose and implement practical solutions that provide maximum benefit at minimum cost.

Our business and operations contribute to reduce the burden on the environment and to enhance the management of natural resources. We understand that our customers have the same spirit which makes our job fun and meaningful.

Our Offers

Services specialized in rock and soil, environment, plant engineering, turnkey solutions, and research and development. We have unique expertise and strong positions in the following industries:

  • Mining Industry

  • Paper Mill Industry

  • Contaminated Soil and Water

  • Landfill, (reactive and passive barriers, geological barriersystems)

  • Waste disposal, (solidification and stabilization of Hazardous Waste)

  • Water treatment, (on site and in situ)


Selected References

  • Boliden Mineral AB, Hornträsket mine 2005-2012. Investigations of, complex metal contamination and risk assessment, Established a multistep site specific remediation and restoration plan, Turnkey contractor for implementation of remedial actions at the site.
  • Metsä Board AB 2011-present, Development, design, performance and evaluation of pilot test area for the use of green liquor dregs as a filler ingredient for building artificial geological barrier systems at closed landfill (Husum). Full scale implementation, 2015-present.
  • Gävle Galvan AB, 2015-present, Phase I, Investigations of geochemistry, hydrogeology, contamination and risk assessment. Phase II, Water remediation of contaminated industrial site area, using in situ technology to remediate the contaminant from the unsaturated and saturated zone.
  • Boliden Mineral AB, Maurliden mine 2010-2015. Investigations and Authority approval process to use of green liquor dregs for stabilizing mining waste rock. Established a remediation and plan, Full scale implementation of remedial actions at the site use of green liquor dregs for stabilizing mining waste rock.

Company Data

Founded: 1985, Employees: 15, Turnover: 25 MSEK



Sten Fernerud, CEO

Phone: +46 90 70 67 70
Email: info(at)envix.se

Our Offices


Envix Nord AB - Stockholm

Vargmötesvägen 15, 186 30 Vallentuna

Telefon: +46 73-843 67 76, +46 70-355 20 03


Envix Nord AB - Umeå

Kylgränd 4A, 906 20 Umeå

Telefon: +46 90-70 67 70